Situated in one of the most fragmented regions of the world, NCC brings together Christians who would otherwise be divided by national and denominational boundaries.
As an international church we are committed to a culturally relevant and sensitive presentation of the Gospel to the peoples of the Eastern Mediterranean.
As an inter-denominational Protestant church we seek to fulfill Jesus' prayer that his people might "be one, in order that the world might believe."


Nicosia Community Church is a congregation of men, women, and children seeking to live out our faith in way that is God centered and people oriented. This congregation, like every other, is made up of all sorts and conditions of men and women. So we neither claim nor promise perfection.
We do claim that by the grace of God we can be changed. We welcome anyone who is seeking to be part of that process.
We can promise to be involved with you, learning God's ways together, seeking to discover his perfect will.
We welcome you to share in our lives with love and patience, with goodwill and forgiveness.
We also invite you to join with us in seeking to present the Good News of Jesus Christ in such a way as makes it culturally relevant within Cyprus.
We hope you will find in our church family a warm, caring community of not-yet-perfect believers.

Terry Burns